Tasha is Indonesian at heart, but Singapore is home now. Outside & inside the studio, music is her life! When she is not sweating to tunes on the bike, you can find her at a concert or elsewhere to dance the night away. Tasha is a goofy oddball, so it’s her life’s mission to never take things too seriously. Smiling is part of her nature because she believes most things can be solved with a smile and lots of laughter. Tasha is an ACE certified personal trainer, the social media manager at AbsoluteCycle and also teach boxing fitness at Uppercut Singapore.




Favorite Move on the bike

Sways or Scoops.

Favorite artist

Michael Jackson & James Brown will always have my heart, but RUFUS Du Sol is my favorite current artist.

Guilty Pleasure

I have no doubt in my mind that I eat more than the average person.

What I teach

Cycling and a personal trainer (circuit/weight training, boot camp and yoga).