Why you should keep cycling when you’re pregnant?

Absolute Cycle member, Teoy is waiting for her second baby. Today she shares with us some tips of how to keep tapping it back with a baby on the way…

About Teoy…

My name is Teoy. I’m from Thailand but currently based in the US. My whole life, I had a very busy schedule, but I always made sure I wouldn’t skip the workout routine, mostly now that I’m pregnant with my second son. Based in the US, and 6 months pregnant, I ride 2/3 times a week as well as do yoga classes. These are basically my secrets to keep me and my growing belly feeling great, staying healthy and strong — both on and off the bike!!

Do you feel any difficulties of riding been pregnant?

My pregnancy stage doesn’t allow me to compete or have even a dash of ego! If I need to take it easy, it's all good! Maybe I don't do every run out of the saddle, go fast as before or even do core crunches (laugh). I have classes where I can ride the whole time and others in which my body tells me to slow down for a few minutes, hydrate and rest. The most important thing is to listen to your body and what your doctor says. The deal here is to maintain my cardiovascular health along with keeping my upper body toned. Lastly, enjoy the ride and take my journey!

Have you ever thought to stop riding because of your pregnancy?

No. I didn’t do it during my first pregnancy and I will not do it this time.  If I still feel good riding and my doctor doesn’t have anything to say in regards to that, I don’t need to stop just because I’m pregnant! Exercise has been a part of my life leading up to my 2 pregnancies, so there is no reason to change up a healthy, positive part of it. (Of course, with my doctor's OK!) Pregnancy is a natural part of life — not a disability!

Why did you choose to keep ridding even now you are pregnant?

Definitely to keep my body active J. Keep a healthy and active lifestyle is one of the best things I can do for me and my baby's health. So, as long as my body allows, I will keep doing it!

Anything you want to say to other pregnant who are not sure about riding during pregnancy?

The best advice I can give is to listen to your body and stay on your journey to lead a healthy lifestyle. Remember that every woman is different and you are not training for a triathlon J You are instead growing a beautiful, healthy baby and you should do what feels good for you. If you feel ill at any time, it is best to alert the instructor. He or she will be able to assist you.

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Breakfast of some Absolute Cycle instructors…

Want a quick, easy and healthy recipe for your breakfast?  Our Absolute Cycle instructors share their breakfast that keeps them energized all morning... check it out!


I usually make green smoothie for breakfast. Today, I use kale, avocado, cos, lettuce, lime, gooseberries, banana, almond butter, almond milk, Spirulina, and vanilla protein. This smoothie contains high in fiber and protein, it gives me the energy boost to start my day.


Breakfast is my favorite meal. Today I have soft boiled eggs, yogurt with mango, and a protein shake with coconut water. Also, some supplements to fulfill my systems; Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12 and Milk Thistle.

Fay Fay

Breakfast is best when it's homemade. This recipe is super simple, from the bottom of the jar - frozen spinach, cucumber, blueberries, frozen banana, papaya & blended with almond milk and chia seeds. I pour it into a to-go cup and BOOM!, I’m ready to go.


The best way to start my day is by having a breakfast prepared by my mom. I enjoy the love she puts on the plate. Today I have a big portion of veggies, boiled eggs, and whole wheat bread with strawberry jam…simple and delicious!


Smoothie bowl is life. These are some of my favorite things to put in my breakfast bowl: frozen banana, passion fruit, kale, baby spinach, spirulina powder, kale powder, coconut water and greek yogurt. I top it with cacao nibs, buck wheat, banana, some muesli and dried fruit. So tasty and filling!


It’s a simple plate, but to me, simplicity equals to best results and it’s easiest on the schedule! These are organic, free range eggs, avocado toast, papaya and passion fruit, and COFFEE. Perfection!

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Dan & his journey to Rhythm Cycling

Today we got a chance to talk with Dan, the Cycling Director of Absolute Cycle. Dan shares his story and a journey of how rhythm cycling changes his life…

How did you get into fitness industry? What’s your inspiration for becoming a cycling instructor? Tell us about your journey to this career.

I was, what could probably be described as an overweight banker, having worked in finance for 18 to 20 years. I neglected my health badly. I had tried going to the gym and all that did was bulk me up, didn’t help me lose weight and didn’t give me the physique I was looking for. So I tried road cycling and while it was a good cardio, it built really big muscled legs which I didn’t want either. I discovered Rhythm cycling and found out the technique of riding puts the focus on the right body parts and has the right mix of cardio and heart rate management that helped me lose all the weight and also trim down. So rather than big and bulky, it’s lean and mean!

At the beginning, I was inspired to be a rider because I was into the music and the routines that the class gave; it’s a connection between the rhythm, the breath, and the moves. After a while, I thought this is actually something that I would love to do. I saw the way instructors were on the stage, I saw the impact that made on people’s lives. Also, at that time, I was looking for a way out of the banking business. This was something I thought I could be passionate about. So the switch to here was fitness related initially but then it became more of a life goal, more worthwhile than being in banking, so that was the switch. Something that I was inspired and passionate about. It was a total shift! I’d heard about people doing it, but never really thought you could. Then once I discovered that you could – I was in 110%.

How much weight did you lose?

At the peak, I was 100 kgs and then now 80 kgs. 20 kgs – a big change.

Can you please describe the Rhythm cycling class? What’s it like, why people will love it and what’s the benefit?

Rhythm cycling is basically different from spinning. Spinning is not very well-connected to the music, the music is more in the background and more focused on what you’re doing on that bike. Whereas, in Rhythm cycling, the music is in the foreground. The music is the essence of the class – you control the class mood, motion and the speed with the music. Classes here at Absolute Cycle are very structured. We have specific beats per minute for each song in a routine. It’s not random 11 songs pieced together, it’s well-choreographed routines that aim to train different muscle groups and also shift between fat burn, endurance, metcon and HIIT.

Can you please describe the Rhythm cycling class? What’s it like, why people will love it and what’s the benefit?

Rhythm cycling is basically different from spinning. Spinning is not very well-connected to the music, the music is more in the background and more focused on what you’re doing on that bike. Whereas, in Rhythm cycling, the music is in the foreground. The music is the essence of the class – you control the class mood, motion and the speed with the music. Classes here at Absolute Cycle are very structured. We have specific beats per minute for each song in a routine. It’s not random 11 songs pieced together, it’s well-choreographed routines, that aim to train different muscle groups and also shift between fat burn, endurance, metcon and HIIT.

Why people would love it?…

I think because, underneath everything we do, people love music. It’s there in everybody’s life – day in, day out – whether you are in the car, shopping mall, club, bar, restaurant, music is always there. I think people have a natural connection to rhythm, even the way that we walk, the way that we talk, there’s always a rhythm to it. So when we bring the music into a group exercise dynamic like this, people adapt to it very quickly and the music pulls you along in class – helping you get through it a lot easier.

What’s it like?…

It’s being in a room with 40 other sweaty people, all working together as one. We ride at the same pace, we all move at the same time. There’s an excellent group dynamic. You’re going to love the music, the moves, the people, the instructors, the lighting, the sweat, and the feeling afterwards! When you get out of here, you will feel so light. It does take a few classes to get fully used to it. As with anything, you can’t expect to be perfect the first time. So you have to give yourself a chance to get into it. Allow your body to adapt – once you are through that stage, it becomes a magical experience.

What are the benefits?…

Definitely weight loss, serious weight loss. It’s great cardio exercise. It focuses on the abdominals, the core, the obliques and the butt/glutes. A lot of women and some men don’t like the idea of cycling, worried that it will give them big muscled legs. In this class, the focus is not actually on the legs, we don’t use our quads, thigh, calves muscle – it’s all on the core, on the butt. It’s a very good exercise if you are looking to tone up/trim down those areas. For me also, it’s the mental awareness. I find after every class I’m able to think clearer, feel better and process thoughts in a much more positive way. It’s my meditation.

What’s special or unique about Absolute Cycle?

All of our teachers have been trained to a very high level by incredibly experienced instructors, with years of experience overseas. Our training program is the best out there. You are not going to find better. The secret to it is our methodology and the way we structure our classes – and the science behind that, the physiology – the way we focus on form. Plus, they’re all great entertainment value!

What keeps you motivated, inspired and cycling every day?

Honestly, it’s the riders! The people that come here. The people that come in and have that first experience with Rhythm Cycling, they look at you afterward and say “Wow, that was amazing!” Also, you have existing riders that have breakthrough moments where they’re pushing themselves further than they thought possible. The people that come up to you with their success stories – weight down, blood pressure down and better mood – and just to see these smiles on people’s faces ???? It’s difficult to get that high from anything else.

What advice would you give to people who are trying to be healthier, fitter and getting in shape?

Come and take our classes at Absolute Cycle! Dare to try! No harm can come from trying. No hurt can come from making a commitment to yourself to come once or twice a week. Even if it’s not cycling, try to find something that you can be passionate about. Make the time, don’t make excuses. Every successful person in the world has the same hours in a day as you – they just don’t make excuses. They get on and do it. So, my advice is to stop making excuses, take a deep breath and let the process happen!

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ปั่น จักรยาน ลด น้ํา หนัก ปั่น จักรยาน ลด ต้น ขา ปั่น จักรยาน ลด น้ํา หนัก ฟิตเนส ปั่น จักรยาน ฟิตเนส ลด น้ํา หนัก ปั่น จักรยาน เพื่อ สุขภาพ ประโยชน์ ปั่น จักรยาน ปั่น จักรยาน เผา ผลาญ แค ล อ รี่ คลาส ปั่น จักรยาน การ ปั่น จักรยาน ลด ต้น ขา การ ปั่น จักรยาน ลด น้ํา หนัก ปั่น จักรยาน ลด ไขมัน ปั่น จักรยาน ใน ร่ม ปั่น จักรยาน ช่วย ลด ต้น ขา ปั่น ลด น้ำหนัก ปั่น ออก กํา ลังกา ย ฟิตเนส ปั่น จักรยาน

Indoor VS Outdoor Cycling

Indoor cycling can be addictive, especially if you like the feeling of busting calories inside a dark room submerged in booming loud music. Cycling outdoors, however, gives you the feeling of liberty that can only be experienced when you hit the road; a feeling that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Some of the obvious differences... Outdoor:

Outdoor: Riding outside can give you a fast, stress-busting workout that bases itself on the feeling of liberation you get with a gush of wind hitting your face.
Indoor: If you’re short on time, don’t want to think about changing a flat tire and rigors and challenges that come with road biking, and spin cycle might be for you.

How they work differently on your body

Outdoor: When you’re riding outdoors the friction of the road as well the resistance from the wind works extensively on your hip flexors and quadriceps.
Indoor: An indoor bike has a ‘flywheel’ that weighs around 20 kilos, which provides resistance as you pedal and also keeps it moving forward in the same momentum when you stop pedaling. The momentum makes your hamstrings to work harder to slow down the wheel.

They can both give you a great workout

Outdoor: As long as you don’t only stay on cruise-mode throughout the ride your heart rate can be maintained as high or even more than what you can achieve in a cycling class. Additionally, compared to indoor cycling, outdoor cycling needs balance, coordination, and stability, and puts a lot more stress on your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, shins, and calves.
Indoor: The American Council on Exercise (ACE) states that a standard cycling class keeps your heart rate 75 to 95 percent of your maximum heart rate and can burn anywhere up to 450 to 800 calories. It’s not just the pedaling that attributes to this level of heart rate, the heat built up inside an indoor cycling room, the peer pressure of keeping up with the rest of the class, motivation from your instructor; attribute to big cardiovascular hit.
Indoor cycling class can be invigorating, whereas cycling outdoor can be intensified to whatever level you desire Outdoor: If you’re not competing in a road race, cycling outdoors may seem far easier and more natural. You can, however, take cycling outdoors to the next level by competing or joining a group of more experienced rider and trying to keep up with the group.
Indoor: Using a stationary bike can get boring fast due to the repetitive use of the same muscles, over and over again. The fact that the ride is stationed at one spot can make this activity monotonous. The additional motivation, which is a huge component if your use the stationary bike in a cycling class, such as the pounding music, group atmosphere and motivation from the instructor can help keep urging you on.

Indoor cycling can logically be more convenient, but cycling outdoors might be more adventurous

Outdoor: Dirt, rough weather, difficult terrains, traffic, tire changes and an endless list of events and elements that you could encounter en route can make cycling outdoors quite challenging; challenges that you need to prepare for and even look forward to.
Indoor: When it comes to convenience a stationary bike wins hands down. If you have one installed at home, all you need is to hop on it or just show up at a cycling class in your nearest gym or studio. The challenge here might be literally to fight off the monotony associated with sitting and pedaling endlessly in a spot.

You can tune out and meditate with cycling indoors, while you can you challenge your mind by providing it with stimulation when cycling outdoors

Outdoor: Cycling indoors might be a great way to zone out; the music, the motivation from the instructor as well as the energy of the class might all be very inspiring. The only drawback is the fact that your brain doesn’t end up getting any stimulation from the fresh air and the visuals that you get when riding outdoors in a variable environment. The variety you get from cycling outdoor is good for your mind and body.
Indoor: The beauty of cycling indoors is that you can clear your head out while you’re working your ass off because the repetitive pedaling allows you to zone out. The inspiring music, the mood of the class and the atmosphere can help you get into the Zen mode. Your brain is also challenged by the cues given yours by your instructor.


Although you’re bound to get a great workout regardless of the mode you pick, they both have their pros and cons as mentioned above. The best part is both the activities have very active and strong communities that you can join—so take your pick
Source: healthmeup, May 2017 http://www.indiatimes.com/health

Committed to 15 Rides – K. Janatip Bhokavanij

How K. Janatip Bhokavanij, Absolute Cycle rider kept their New Year’s Resolution by clipping in over 30 times in 30 days

Last month K. Janatip Bhokavanij took up the challenge riding over 30 times, taking the New Year’s Challenge – Committed to 15 very seriously! After reaching her goal, and receiving her amazing gifts, we look back and tell you how the pack and inspirational instructors kept her motivated. We also asked her which rides bring them good memories and how Absolute Cycle is changing her life…

We look back with K. Janatip Bhokavanij, who rocked 30 rides, to tell you how the pack and inspirational instructors kept her motivated. We also asked her which rides bring her good memories and how Absolute Cycle is changing her life…

What first brought you to Absolute Cycle?

I was already a member of Absolute You when K. Ben brought rhythm cycling to Thailand. I heard about it due to the success of it in US, so I didn’t hesitate into try it.

Fitness has been part of my whole life. While I love Pilates, I have been looking for an energizing and fun cardio workout that could also target specific areas of my body; butt, hips, and thighs, as well as work my core to complement my Pilates exercise.

Tell us about your first ride. How did it feel?

My first ride was at theCOMMONS studio. I was one of the first members to try rhythm cycling with Absolute Cycle and I loved it. The music, the instructor, the environment. I felt so good and excited about this new workout. My coordination was ok, however, as a beginner, I couldn’t do the double times. That was actually my motivation point to come back until I got it right. When it happened, it was a breakthrough of emotions. It just feels great to enjoy the endorphins of 30-second sprints. 

How has Absolute Cycle impacted you physically / emotionally or both?

My professional life pushes me hard over my limits. My schedule is very tight and stressful, so I really need my outlet to get it fixed. When this challenge came up, I was actually on vacation so I set the goal to do a class every single day during the campaign period. And I did it! Better than that I saw immediate changes on my body. Much leaner, toned and I could see the abs line coming up…hahaha

Has clipping in influenced you in any other ways?

The impact on my body has been positive, of course, but it was by riding where I realized that there is more than how my body looks like on the outside that gets me through class, but it’s the strength I have on the inside that keeps me coming for more.

You rocked 30 rides in February. What made you take the challenge?

Definitely the challenge, and how that motivated me to set a goal of doing a class every day. By the end, I was doing that for myself, not really to only score rides.

So was the goal of 15 classes within 30 days easy or difficult to achieve?

Because I enjoy riding so much, I have to say it was not that difficult for me to reach that goal. Additionally, I made myself accountable by announcing my goal to friends and family. Sure, there were days that it was hard to get to the studio, but knowing how I would feel the end of each and every class kept me coming back.

Do you have any particular rides or memories at Absolute Cycle that stand out to you?

All the classes are unique because of the music, the instructor, however, I must say the most memorable class I had was when I mastered the 1,2 (laugh).
Thank you K. Janatip Bhokavanij for sharing your story with us. Thank you for keep challenging yourself every day at Absolute Cycle. We look forward to seeing you on the bike.

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Committed to 15 Rides - K. Bongpavee Waratjirunthanin

From becoming more motivated to fine-tuning their healthy habits, our Committed to 15 Rides Challengers achieved incredible success in just 1 month of thrilling daily rides. Check out their stories and let them inspire you to by the incredible benefits of a daily cycling routine can introduce to your wellbeing.

Today we talked with K. Bongpavee Waratjirunthanin, one of the rockstar riders taking the Committed to 15 rides challenge. She shared what motivated her to take the challenge and the incredible results she achieved in only 30 days…

What motivated you to sign up for the challenge? 

My professional life doesn’t allow me to have much time for myself, much less, time to work out. In November, after 2 years of a passive membership with Absolute You, I decided that was time to do something for me. That commitment to myself started with a workout routine and the Committed to 15 Rides challenge was right there to prove to myself. 15 rides in 30 days for a person without workout habits seemed challenging, the prize very interesting, so I thought, why not?

Rhythm cycling is something very new in Thailand, and I couldn’t be happier to be able to practice it. I’ve got lots of friends, I enjoy the time I’m on the bike, and it couldn’t be more satisfied with the amazing changes I see on my body and my way to face up to things.

What was your favorite part of the challenge?

I loved the sense of friendship and community that was created with the challenge. We were all in it together, whether we were excited about classes or admitting that we were struggling. I have got new friends that push me every day to come to take a class. Every time one of us got a stamp for the ride done, would share it immediately on group line. It was fun how seriously we all took the challenge. It was great to see that I wasn’t alone.

What type of results did you see or feel after the challenge is over?

I felt stronger! I also started a program with Absolute FitFood, so by eating better, I wasn’t hungry all the time and started snacking less. During the challenge, I lost 3 kilos and my body fat percentage dropped 3%. I also have more energy for my workouts. I will definitely sign up for another challenge again!

Thank you K. Bongpavee Waratjirunthanin for your inspirational testimonial. We are glad to help you to achieve your goals for a healthier and happier life. See you on the bike!

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Fay Fay and her healthy routines

Today we had a fun chat with Fay Fay, Absolute Cycle star instructor from. Fay shared some of her personal routines/tips for staying strong and active throughout the week and refocusing as a new one begins.

What does the beginning of a new week mean to you?

A clean slate, a fresh start. We sometimes get carried away on weekends eating out with friends or having a drink to take the edge off a stressful week. Hey, that’s life! You’ve got to live a little and feed your soul…(that’s what I like to say when I’m having ice-cream). So come Monday, it’s back to zero. No guilt, no more bad habits to carry on. What matters is what’s ahead of you. Start the day right with breakfast.

Do you have any tips or a personal motivation to say 'Yes' to every Monday?

Spend your Sundays planning the week ahead so there’s something to look forward to. Book your classes for the week and get a friend to go with you. Take charge of your schedule and manage it like a boss!

What is your routine to keep yourself active and energized through the day?

Training in the morning and getting a bit of sunshine is the ultimate way for me to feel energized. I’m a morning person so I like get on with my day when the sun rises. I’ll start my day with a tall glass of warm lemon water and cayenne pepper. The spicy citrus mix certainly helps to wake me up as I don’t drink coffee. Then I’ll prepare oatmeal with fresh fruits for breakfast. I always make sure to eat within thirty minutes upon waking up and a small bite every two to three hours to boost my metabolism. A green smoothie is the perfect of spinach, cucumber, kale, mango, and pineapple is a perfect mid-day snack to pick me up. Absolute Fitfood is great when I’m on the go.

What are the fun things you usually do on your day off?

My love for fitness is as strong as my love for food. It’s all about balance and eating in moderation! There are so many great restaurants and small cafes to discover in Bangkok, and I’m loving it. Thai food is actually my favorite cuisine as I have a high tolerance for spicy food. Sometimes I carry a small container of chopped Thai chili. Ketchup or chili sauce doesn’t cut it for me!
I like to pamper my taste buds with great food, explore new places, and spending time in nature. A relaxing day for me would be chilling by the pool with a glass of red wine and either a magazine or a good book.

Can you give us your advice for people to stay energized, awake, motivated at work?

Food is fuel so it’s important to start the day right with breakfast. If you skip breakfast you’re more likely to binge at lunch time or snack during the day. Keep a big bottle of water at your desk to remind yourself to hydrate throughout the day. Sometimes dehydration can make you think you’re hungry – so drink some water before reaching for a snack!

I believe in the 50/10 rule, something I learned in school. An effective way to stay energized, productive and not feel overwhelmed with stress is to focus on your work tasks for 50 minutes and take 10-minute breaks. Take a moment to stretch, close your eyes, breathe deeply, walk around the office or talk to your colleagues. (Use a timer if you need help staying disciplined.) It’s the little things like taking time for yourself that can make a big difference in your day!

Fay: Music is the source of my inspiration and I love to dance even though I don’t have a professional background in either one of them. After my first cycling class, I was hooked. I thought it was a great way to combine fitness, dance, and music. I knew right away that I want to teach cycling.

Originally from Singapore, Fay is now a rhythm cycling instructor exclusively at Absolute Cycle. To see what Fay is up to, check her blog at withlovefay.com that charts her personal fitness journey since 2008. She focuses on her passions, ranging from motivational fitness and beauty advice to practical tips on food, nutrition, and general wellness. Fay is also a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and Adidas ambassador.

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Get to know Roy's story

Here’s how Absolute Cycle Member Roy, got riding and shredded 20KG!

It all started with the realization I was jeopardizing my health with barely any exercise and my body and mind started to show signs of trouble. I didn’t want to burden my ill health on my family in the near future. So, last year, I took care of my diet and most importantly, started to exercise regularly.

My wife Hunny (Cholaphansa Narula), persuaded me to join the cycling class at Absolute Cycle at The Commons. She has been a regular at Absolute You for many years and has been going to their rhythm cycling classes in addition to the many other exercises they have.

I had the impression that rhythm cycling is casual play but that was not the case on my first ride. It was the most exhausting 45 minutes that I could remember, almost breathless all the time, my heart pounding so much that I thought I would drop dead there!

But, I had made the commitment to my health and I kept coming back for more rides and it was the same exhausting feeling, but I felt stronger after each class. After a while, I was able to cope with the class routines and started to enjoy it.

The group riding with great motivational coaching and the great instructors gives me the extra willpower apart from the engaging music and energetic lighting moods. The variety of moves on the ride using many body parts makes each class challenging and fun and keeps me coming back!

The class has had a positive effect on my well-being. Now I feel much more energetic and much healthier physically and mentally than I ever was… for a long time. I have shredded almost 20 kilos since joining and most of my ill health signs have improved!

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